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We define pride as "Providing a solution when others struggle over the meaning of the question."


Software Solutions


Our software solutions range from SQL interfaces for dynamic websites, to professional entertainment systems.  We have hundreds of applications including:


VXP-2200 Music System Pro

The VXP-2200 has been built from the ground up in collaboration with specialists, to offer a professional music entertainment solution. A major design feature is the applications simplicity in its usage.

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VXP Colorator - the system wide color picker.    Download VXP Colorator Download       VXP Colorator Documentation  Documentation

VXP Colorator is a digital artist or web designers tool. It is a no-clutter FREEWARE software which is used as a companion to design software for color matching font colors etc. Open Colorator, point and shoot a color anywhere on your screen, then copy either the WebHex or the RGB values for use in your design application. Simple but effective. It is recommended that you 'Run' rather than download, but the choice is up to you.

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VXP RSS Reader    Download VXP RSS Reader Download       VXP RSS Reader Documentation  Documentation

VXP RSS Reader will give you news bulletins from any of the worlds RSS Servers eg BBC, Yahoo etc. As news is issued, the reader will notify you, keeping you up to the minute in world affairs. Our RSS reader is FREEWARE. It is recommended that you 'Run' rather than download, but the choice is up to you.

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Wordpro2 is a lightweight but powerful word processor including spell checker. Ideal for copy and pasting snippets from the web, or making notes, but could also be used as a less CPU / Disk space hungry replacement for the standard heavyweight office word processors. Many features including image import, zoom, rich formatting, print preview, in fact all of the standard features you would expect to find.



Lycom is an internet cache folder navigator.  With this software you can easily navigate your temporary internet files.  You could find those great flv/mov/swf movies you were looking at yesterday, or perhaps it was an image or an audio file.  With a built in viewer you can quickly and easily find the file and copy it to a safe folder.


VXP Auto Backup

Backup all your important data to flash disk or external hard disk. Further backups will only copy modified or new files, saving you time and making your backups quick and easy. Individual backup jobs can also be added to an automatic batch list for complete ease. Ideal for synchronizing home and work computers too.


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14 Sep 2012
Mission Control

26 Nov 2008
KeyNotes has been upgraded.

23 Aug 2007
Colorator - the new VisioXpress freeware now available for download.

23 Jul 2007
VXP RSS Reader receives 100% clean award.

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