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14 Sep 2012
Mission Control

26 Nov 2008
KeyNotes has been upgraded.

23 Aug 2007
Colorator - the new VisioXpress freeware now available for download.

23 Jul 2007
VXP RSS Reader receives 100% clean award.

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Content Management Systems: Website content needs to grow and adapt with constant tweaking. Catalogues needs updating. Articles may require daily addition. All this is the domain of CMS, a user friendly front end for non-programmers.


VXP Content Management System (CMS)


We can't all be web wizards, and web developers are not journalists. That's where Content Management steps in, let us build the tools to let your team publish to the world. The VXP CMS gives you control over all the text content, images and editorial page layout.


CMS - Content Management SystemsVXP CMS can be scaleable from a one man blog style site, up to a very busy, multi departmental commercial web site.


With VXP CMS a company need not worry about whether its journalistic employees have web skills.

With VXP CMS a site editor need not be familiar with html, asp, php or what ever, putting the emphasis on their creative writing or artistic designing skills. Leave the technical stuff to the VXP CMS software.


In VXP CMS VisioXpress have constructed a multi collaborative proprietary software absolutely from the ground up, suitable for large e-commerce and journalistic companies, but this platform can also be scaled down to any level. Over the years, every conceivable feature has been incorporated, instantly available for use where required. If a feature is not available - it can be built quickly and integrated painlessly.


No two sites have the same requirements, therefore we have the advantage of combining many diverse skills in sometimes obtuse manners to accomplish results which would have otherwise remained either impossible or cumbersome to achieve. Our VXP CMS software must therefore not be compared to typical off the shelf solutions, as our motto goes 'Your Mission - Our Vision'.

  • Completely dynamic page creation and edition.
  • Manage Text, Image and Editorial Layout
  • Image Management
  • Multilevel Administrator and User management
  • Site Statistics
  • Advertising and Advertisers Management
  • eCommerce Transactions and Stock Management
  • Latest jQuery and Ajax eye candy and utilities
  • Limitless additional bespoke features on request . . .



Sensovumor: "Microsoft is not the answer. Microsoft is the question. NO is the answer." - Erik Naggum