Old Admin


To the left you can see the list of administrative utilities available, from which the whole site may be administered.

Image Manager: Manage galleries of images for use throughout the site.

Page Manager: List/Add/Edit dynamic site pages (content containers). Also directly access content which has been linked to those pages.

All Content: List/Add/Edit all content. Listed in PageIndex order.

Messages: View all messages sent to the site from the contact page. You may also flag the message once it has been actioned.

Users: Complete user management. Allows you to edit/delete all users details, or if you wish promote users to editorial or administrative status. Also gives access to view/edit their submissions.

Advertisers: Manage your advertisers. (context help available)

Adverts: Manage your adverts. (context help available)

Edit CSS: Warning - Use with care!. This controls the main site styling. Don't touch unless you know what you are doing.

Edit Footer: Edit the footer at the base of all pages throughout the site.

Prices: Edit the prices of packages. Edit VAT too.

Browse Images: This utility is a pop-up image browser. Invaluably enables you to select the image filenames whilst simultaneosly editing the site content.